Reservations:  (434) 835-4949

Serving the Danville area

Danville, VA  (800) 315-2621

*Must call and ask for special

  Bar 119 rate

Danville, VA  (434) 791-2661

Reservations:  (434) 385-8400

Serving the area of Lynchburg

Premier Limousine Service

Reservations:  (336) 260-5002

Reservations:  (919) 477-4096

Serving the areas of Durham and Chapel Hill

Emerald Service Limousine

Serving the areas of Oxford, Creedmore, Durham, Raleigh, Hillsborough, South Boston, Danville and surrounding areas

Reservations:  (276) 638-0499

Charlie Price:  (434) 470-6845 

Reservations:  (434) 572-2595 

All Occasion Limousine Service

Group Transportation to Bar 119...Vans, Limos, Drivers

Shuttle Services

Special rates for Bar 119

*Must call and ask for special

  Bar 119 rate


Serving the areas of Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill

Elite Coach

Person Limo Services

Serving the areas of Danville, Martinsville and Smith Mt. Lake 

Reservations:  (434) 728-7433

Charis Transportation

Luxury Limosine

*Cabin Rentals 

*RV Hookups

*RV Rentals

*Tent Camping

Walking distance from Bar 119

Roxboro, NC  (336) 599-8800

Serving the areas of Burlington and Greensboro

Empire Limousine

Reservations:  (919) 702-7200

Reservations:  (336) 597-5466

Serving the areas of Roxboro and Danville

Serving the areas of South Boston, Danville, Martinsville, Lynchburg, Eden and Greensboro

Black Tie Limo, Inc.

Mike Tuck:  (434) 579-1163